Michel Voz

, the Tailored Marketing Solution.

My Story

I was born in Kinshasa, in the Congo, in central Africa and lived there 18 years. My parents were working in the Congo at that time for the Belgian government. My education was somewhat unusual. I started at the Belgian elementary school of Kinshasa and at the age of 13 I enrolled at The American School of Kinshasa. That is where I learned English.
New products already interested me in many ways at that time. I remember creating ads myself that I would stick on the walls of the building where I lived!
I finished high school in 1984 and continued my studies in the United States. I spent four years at  Southern Oregon State College (now called Southern Oregon University) and graduated with a BA in Business Administration / Marketing.
I started my professional career in Belgium. For 15 years I organized the arrivals and departures of private jets that were coming to Brussels. That was because my American degree was not yet recognized by the Belgian government and because of my enthusiasm for aviation that I accepted a job other than for which I had studied. In addition to my work in the aviation business and because of my passion for marketing, I developed a project as an independent agent.
Along with my American degree, the Belgian government has now credited me with a Master's degree in Management Sciences which is equivalent to my U.S. degree. I spent a year of intensive training in computer sciences and German in 2006 which now gives me a very good knowledge of all the Windows tools, Photoshop and of some German. In June 2013, I completed a two year Master's degree in Management at Southern Oregon University in which I learned all the latest management techniques as well as the latest marketing strategies. My master's thesis researched barriers and opportunities relating to international trade in Oregon.
Those very different and very international experiences give me a different view of things that are much closer to the reality of life today. I hope to be able to meet with you soon!