Michel Voz

, the Tailored Marketing Solution.


Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT)

The Hyperloop™ Transportation System will eliminate all travel complications and objections due to cost, travel time, and weather conditions. Completely self sufficient, solar panels placed along the track will not only fuel the entire system, it will create a net excess of energy. The climate controlled capsule travels inside of a reinforced ‘tube’ pathway, rendering the Hyperloop™ Transportation System weather-independent and earthquake-safe thanks to the use of our pylons. Construction costs are much lower than any existing railway projects. My current tasks at HTT include:

  • Marketing the Hyperloop project in California and around the world to potential investors and customers
  • Strategies and research of com
  • Crowdsourcing

Northwest Hyperloop Working Group

The Northwest Hyperloop Working Group was made up of engineers from Portland, Oregon who wanted to change the way we commute in a cheaper, faster, and more sustainable way. I was in charge of strategizing the working group with their involvement in the Hyperloop project. I also prioritized work tasks using a Gantt chart. I researched and selected potential investors in the project.

  • Strategy development
  • Project Management
  • Research

Sustainable Valley Technology Group (SVTG)

SVTG is a local business accelerator based in Medford, Oregon and helps local startups in writing and implementing an efficient business plan. One of my duties at SVTG was to build a comprehensive database of incubators and accelerators throughout Oregon and understand the way they operate. I also delved into emerging industries in Oregon with a specific focus on the EU. I researched and selected foundation centers that concentrate on business acceleration and wrote grants to the selected foundations.

  • Competitive analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Market research
  • Grant writing

7 FM

7 FM is a local radio broadcasting from a small town in Belgium called Gouvy. I was working there mostly as a sales representative but was also the one realizing radio advertising campaigns primarily in the area of Bastogne and of La Roche-en-Ardenne, two medium sizes cities of Belgium. I advised clients on the most compelling messages to promote their company, their association or event. I established price offers. I also realized their advertising campaigns.

  • Customer Prospection
  • Commercial approaches
  • Advertisement conceptions
  • Contacts with customer
  • Creation of quotations
  • Creation of advertising texts

Results obtained:

Clients were delighted to not only get advice on their advertising message but also on their slogan. I increased the number of clients for 7 FM and of their advertising revenue.


Air and Ground Ambulance Services

For over three years, I handled the marketing and the communication matters for the Air and Ground Ambulance Services of Bra-sur-Lienne, Belgium. This non-profit organization is not subsidized by the government and my job there was to propose various strategies aimed at increasing the number of new members in order to provide the funds necessary for it to survive. I had to create and to implement the projects that were selected by the management.

Radio advertising conception:

Results obtained:

I better targeted potential customers for the non-profit. I improved their image and their overall reputation. I was able to double their membership in three years time (from 15,000 to 30,000).


The Light-Control Company of Stavelot, Belgium, markets home automation devices that allow the rational use of energy in buildings. In addition to a full time job in Brussels, I developed different marketing tools for this automation device called the “microcontroller”. I studied the market and the competition. I made the press talk about it and about its purpose. I wanted it to be different than the ones from the competition. I have worked a lot with the press which created different business contacts.

  • Positioning
  • Promotion
  • Media targeting
  • Branding 

Results obtained:

Enhanced reputation and positioning. Creation of many important contacts.

The Tree Nursery CBL

The tree nursery CBL of Vaux-Chavanne, Belgium, produces and sell plants, seedlings, Christmas trees and Christmas tree stands. Leon Cornet, the manager of the nursery, has used my services for the promotion and the sales of Christmas tree stands and for sales of its Christmas trees. Being perfect bilingual French - English with a good understanding of Dutch, I have helped him sell his trees and stands throughout the British and the Dutch speaking market. My marketing experience and my various language skills opened new doors and new customers for the nursery.

Results obtained:

I increased the number of new customers and its overall reputation in the European Christmas tree industry. I created a partnership between CBL and Noblett’s Tree Nursery in Manchester.

Buck Danny

Air Comics was created with the idea of selling the comic strip called "Buck Danny" to the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Army markets. The comic strip was targeted because, in this comic, the American armed forces are the main heroes. I was the initiator of the project, from its conception to its commercialization. The comic was sold within the U.S. embassy in Brussels, within NATO headquarters, within the store "Militaria" in Bastogne, Belgium and worldwide via the Internet.

Results obtained:

Creation of a marketing plan from A to Z. Sales of the comic book worldwide using E-commerce.